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Be better than yourself

The only person you should try to be better than is the person your were yesterday. Peter Voogd, 6 Months to 6 Figures 📷 Kelly Nowels / Death to Stock

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“As long as you don’t expect it to come easy, then you’re fine”

Bruce Springsteen was on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast on January 2. It’s a fascinating conversation about life, and struggling, and success. A great listen to kick off the new year. Here’s what I took away from this episode: Know the difference between beating yourself up and being hard on yourself It’s an important distinction. Beating yourself up is saying “I …

No employers, and no employees

What if there is no employer or employee? Just about everyone in an advanced economy will be self-employed at some stage of their career. Yet most people are educated to think of “getting a job”, and virtually all legislation works on the presumption that people are employed. In the future, everyone will be self-employed – but society is failing to …

Lucky, or observant?

In one experiment, Wiseman asked people to self identify themselves as lucky or unlucky. Then he gave his test subjects a newspaper. “Count the number of photographs inside”, he told them. There were 43 photographs. On average, the unlucky people took 2 minutes to count them all. The lucky people? Seconds. The lucky people noticed the giant message that took …

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Found on my phone

Just found this on my phone – photo of Jen taken by Nate (our 5 yr old) from the back seat of the car as we were leaving for school yesterday morning. 🙂

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never really tried anything new.”

Inspirational video about the value of failure, and why “overnight success” is a myth. I especially like the story about the Picasso Principle. Every overnight success is years in the making. Why Our Definition Of Failure Is All Wrong PSA: There’s no such thing as overnight success.

Learning is an active process

“Just as effort alone can’t deliver results, praising effort isn’t enough to help a child develop a love for the challenge of learning.” ‘Nice Try!’ Is Not Enough

Dads are parents too

This article makes me happy. I get dumb comments  all the time like the ones mentioned in the article when I’m out with Nate, as though I’m doing my wife a ‘favour’ by spending time with our son. But it’s not all that surprising, since so many parenting references focus solely on moms. There is nothing that makes me happier than being a dad to …